Monday Night Miracle

by Six Foot Machine

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released October 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Six Foot Machine Washington, D.C.

"Damn you and your daily doubles, you brigand!"


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Track Name: Intro
{pure, unadulterated rock}
Track Name: Extend The F
i know this place
i recognize the same old outlines
the same familiar face

and i'm not so scared
i've been around
got off the ground
and saw nobody cares

but this still exists
it doesn't age
it hasn't changed
you can't just reminisce

i never got the answers that i promised to myself
i know i'll never get them while i'm sitting on a shelf

and things don't stay the same
and there's no one left to blame but me
maybe this is what i've learned
is true

so here we go again
staring down the busted dreams
the fading hope of friends

but what's there left to say
before this fades away?
Track Name: Goodbye, Losing
turns out that everything i want
was nothing like i thought
i think i might have made a huge mistake
i wanna know why this was never brought to anyone's attention

they're bringing people out in carts
ignoring all the good parts
i wonder how it came to this
i never thought that we'd choose competition over reason

and who's to say
what constitutes the right way
in a world that still thinks that anything goes

you won't complain
until this crippling pain's in your face
taking your place

this is my message to the world
you're all in this together
like it or not
take it or leave it there ain't no exceptions for you

go try to make it on your own
in the true sense of the word
i think you'll wish that i was only kidding
when you're island paradise runs out of sand

or cast away the things you have
instead of getting mad
i'm pretty sure the standard still applies
to crazy stupid rich guys
Track Name: Chocolate Steak
well if I told you it was gone
that everything you knew was wrong
what would you say to me?
and If i showed you all these things,
you'd probably think we lived like kings
yeah cats and cars the black guitar's alright 
but you don't have it all
and worst of all it's no ones fault
honestly it's agony, every single day
and you don't get it right 
and worst of all you never might
I hate to say its so you're just okay

and so you ask me for my name
well i'm the guy you just became
and if that's just too much to see
i guess i'll leave
and if i showed you all these things,
you'd probably think we lived like kings
and if told you where we went
you'd wonder why we ever left
and I don't know just what was said
it's just a song that's in my head
the only one I know 
and down the road,
you're never really sure which way to go
well down the road
you're never really sure which way to go
which way is home
Track Name: Reservations
this year it's gonna be a little strange
locked down, cooped up and hoping it rains
what's up, i love what you did with the place
don't mind me, i'm only here to take up some space

because after twenty two years of moving those chairs alone
you wake up in the morning and there's no one downstairs you know
and since it can't get better, it can only get worse
that's the way you want it and you know it's gonna hurt
i know, you know, we know that's how it works

but there's gotta be a way, gotta be a way to get home
yeah there's gotta be a way, gotta be a way to get home

no planes no trains no bags to pack
you finally get a break
no friends to say they're glad you're back
how long have you been gone

no need to hitch a ride, no need to go outside
no stress no mess nothing at all
that's why i called

but there's gotta be a way, gotta be a way to get home
yeah there's gotta be a way, gotta be a way to get home
well there's gotta be a way, gotta be a way i don't know
and if i can't find a way, i'm gonna find another way to go

and in these days
i don't have much
that i can feel
that i can touch
but when i'm home
it goes away
and i can live
like yesterday
Track Name: Got a Minute?
I can see the words on the wall
were never really up there at all
and when I think about it at night
I wonder if I handled it right

who knows where I would be today
if I had let the time slip away
or maybe thats what I really did
a stupid overprivileged kid

who spent his days looking for radio plays
and we he had enough look where he ended up

so when the lights go down at home
and when you find yourself alone
is it easier to think
or just to breathe?

and while you're waiting for a fix
of your own self important shit
is it easier to blink
or just to be?

the cautionary tales' a drag
when you forget the fun that you had
and still there's something Ill never shake
or ever really appreciate

a long long time staying up all night
it's a lifetime peace and an endless fight

so when the lights go down at home
and when you find yourself alone
is it easier to think
or just to breathe?

and while you're waiting for a fix
of your own self important shit
is it easier to blink
or just to be?

far from everything you've ever known
with the headphones on and your friends all gone

in a dead end town and face down on the floor
and you're seriously thinking there might not be more

and I know I only brought this on myself
because it's never too late to be someone else
Track Name: Impossible
i drove my car
down the street
opened the door
spread my wings

i hit the gas
and flew on by
when i came to
i was in the sky

the people with glasses and pens
said it couldn't be done
i didn't let logic or science
detract from my fun

you're always like this when i start to think
i'm getting sick of it
i'll never let you tell me it's impossible, just improbable

wasted time
stayed up late
close my eyes
woke up at 8

hit the road
skipped the tolls
went to work
no one knows

no one else
or believes that we can
change the game
win the fight
so we stay up all night
Track Name: She Eats Cans
hey mom and dad i met a girl today
no not in class, it was on the way back home
and there's something i think i should tell you
something you guys might not understand

she's got this dietary thing
the kids are mean they laugh and sing
and i know it's not her fault
but she says there's nothing wrong at all

she eats cans
with her hands
soup or soda doesn't matter
i dump them out i know she'd rather
she eats cans
with her hands
there are weirder things in life
so she says to me

i guess there's worse things i could be
than a guy who's girlfriend likes to eat
the things i keep with me
in case of world war 3

oh by the way
i think i forgot to mention
she's beautiful and brilliant
i'm convinced she'll save the world
but yesterday
i listened to a lecture from some guy
who's still convinced her dad's a goat

but it's not like that
at all
Track Name: Suck It, Trebek
well I was born one day, 
and everything just happened so fast
I used to get my way, but I knew
that kind of thing wouldn't last

so here I am at a desk with a mess
staring me in the face
and what I do isn't big but 
it's kind of got an interesting taste

i can't explain why i'm here but i'm only
one in a crowd and it's getting kinda lonely
nobody's pushing for the door cause it's too much work
to see it from the wrong side

you only know what you know in your own mind
and you've decided that you're sitting on a gold mine
the missing pieces from the box we need are
too much work to find

well I'll declare I'm king
and things are going to change around here
I'm gonna face these facts
I'll turn around this place in a year

I'll keep the best, dump the rest and 
we're gonna run it straight from the top
not gonna take my time, we're rolling
and we ain't gonna stop

it's so close that I can taste it
but I know we're gonna waste it
and it's killing me to take this
one day at a time
Track Name: Second Hand Stupid
we lived in the same state
ate crackers on
the same enormous plane

I tried to tune you out
but you got inside my head
with all this doubt

I don't know anything at all
but I know everything a little bit
and that's why i'm so dumb

we've got our backs against the wall
until we see we're being stupid
and the wall is just a door

we drove here in my car
packed up my suitcases with sandwiches
put lightbulbs in a jar

and then the snow it turned to rain
I felt this thing come back to life
I think it's called a brain
Track Name: Hellabeans
is this it?
are we finished
I guess I should have known this time

I wanted
to stay honest
where's a guy supposed to go
and how was I supposed to know

well no one has to stay inside
the messes that they make that's why 

this instance 
could be different
if we can keep perspective all the while

this concept
shows some promise
i've made a list of things to fix
and maybe you could help with it

because no one has to stay inside
the messes that they make that's why 
I'm willing to let go of our regrets and past mistakes

when I got tired of being expired
I couldn't sleep because I'm so wired
I still care and I still fight
and when I'm wrong I'll make it right
looking back I bet we'll laugh
at everything we never had

no kidding
we might be winning
another two steps before we fall back 

just trust me
I know this must be
hard to process strange to find
but that's just what i had in mind